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Return & Cancellation Policy

Return & Cancellation Policy

This policy applies to three categories of individuals:

  1. Service Providers or Sellers: This group includes medical shops, path labs, hospitals, clinics, medical service providers, and doctors.
  2. Doxlib: Refers to websites or apps where buyers or patients can access services related to healthcare.
  3. Buyers or Patients: These are ordinary individuals who utilize services from providers or purchase medicines and medical products from shops.

    Return or Cancellation Policy

    1. Return Policy for Products Sold by Service Providers:

    • Doxlib acts as a connector between buyers and clinics, hospitals, doctors, and shops. We do not directly sell any products; instead, we facilitate services.
    • The return policy for ordered medicine or other products sold by service providers (such as medical shops) is solely determined by them. Each seller may have a different return policy, which will be specified on their individual page.

    2. Cancellation Policy:

    • Cancellation by Doxlib:
      • Doxlib reserves the right to cancel an order or subscription under certain circumstances:
        1. Failure to comply with our terms.
        2. No response received from the seller within 24 hours of placing the order.
        3. Technical errors or issues.
        4. Problems identified by Doxlib’s credit and fraud avoidance department.
        5. Malpractice in placing the order.
        6. Bulk orders placed for commercial resale.
        7. Multiple orders placed for the same product.
        8. Rejection of EMI offers by the bank.
      • If we cancel an order, you will receive a notification via email or SMS.
    • Cancellation by the Service Provider:
      • Service providers (e.g., clinics, hospitals) can cancel a buyer’s order for specific reasons:
        1. Product unavailability.
        2. Technical errors.
        3. Malpractice in placing the order.
        4. Multiple orders for the same product.
      • Buyers will be notified via email or SMS, and Doxlib may suspend sellers who repeatedly cancel orders without valid reasons.
    • Cancellation of Service Provider’s Own Subscription:
      • Service providers can cancel their own subscription within 30 days of purchase. Doxlib will decide whether to accept the cancellation and issue any applicable refund.
    • Cancellation or Return by Buyer or Patient:
      • Buyers or patients may cancel orders with valid reasons.
      • For Purchased Products:
    • A product purchased from a seller can be canceled before the seller accepts the order. After acceptance, returns are allowed based on the seller’s return policy. Please review the specific seller’s policy before ordering medicine or medical products.
    • Return requests must be made within 2 hours of delivery.
    • For Subscribed Services:
      • Subscriptions cannot be returned or canceled.
    • If the cancellation or return is accepted, you will receive a confirmation via email or SMS.
    • Refund Policy:
      • You will receive a refund for canceled orders that have been accepted in accordance with our refund policy.

    Refund Policy

    Refunds are provided for cancellations or returns of products, subject to the eligible criteria outlined in the Return Policy or these terms and conditions. Refunds are initiated in accordance with the Return or Cancellation Policy.

    1. Service Cancellation:
      • If a service cancellation by the seller or service provider is accepted, the refund amount will be calculated based on the usage duration and the remaining duration of the subscription plan.
    2. Order Cancellation:
      • If a buyer or patient cancels an order and the cancellation is accepted, the full order value (including delivery charges, if applicable) will be refunded to the payment source if the payment was successful.
    3. Return of a Product:
      • For return requests, the refund is processed after the returned product has been received by the seller and has passed quality checks.
      • The entire product cost, along with any shipping charges, will be refunded to you.

    Additional Notes:

    • If any amounts are wrongly paid or refunded to you, please transfer those amounts back to Doxlib within 3 days of receipt.
    • Refunds for Cash on Delivery orders returned by the buyer will be credited to the bank account provided during the return process. Any charges levied by payment gateways or banks will be deducted from the refund amount.
    • Time Period for Refunds:
      • For delivered products, refunds are processed within 1-6 working days after receiving the returned product and completing quality checks, depending on banking and payment channels.
      • For canceled orders or subscriptions, refunds are processed within 1-3 working days after acceptance.
    • Interest charged by the bank providing the EMI Scheme until the time the request for return or cancellation is raised will not be refunded.
    • Mode of Refund:
      • Refunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts. The name on your Doxlib account should match the name of the bank account holder provided for refund via NEFT.
      • Refunds for payments made by Cash on Delivery may be refunded via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) to your bank account.
      • If the original payment method used (credit/debit card or net banking) is no longer valid, we will issue the refund through a cheque. You’ll receive an email requesting you to call us to provide your address for the cheque.